Barbour - Jacket Linings, Digital Print onto Polyester

“It’s estimated around 13,000 items are altered, rewaxed or repaired by Barbour every year.” From dog biscuits to toy cars, party poppers to plane tickets – the items found in the pockets of the Barbour Jackets told a story just too good to keep a secret. So, for this range, Barbour wanted to share these lost items, & decided to display them on an exclusive lining. After sorting through and arranging the most intriguing items, the lost objects were photographed and it is this photographic image we were asked to print onto lining fabric, ready to feature inside Jackets as well as the Travel Explorer and DryFly bags

The polyester base cloth & digital print process were chosen for their durability & robust colourfast process. Combined with technical attributes such as a PU backing to stop the wax from the waxed cotton outer of the jacket seeping through to the inside. Our knowledge & development of technical fabrics means we can offer PU & PVC coatings & backings, waxed fabrics along side antibacterial and recycled fabrics to fit any product or application.

But, Jacket pockets aren’t the only place to find inspiration for lining fabric. Barbour also released a special edition fishing scene lining through their Classic collection. Digital print allows ultimate flexibility in design and so is perfect for limited edition runs to the extent of being individually numbered or named. The image used for this range was first featured on the cover of a Barbour brochure back in the 1950s. While searching through archives, the scene was spotted and we were asked to rework the image so that it was a good quality to print. For this we commissioned an artist to re-paint the artwork, after which it was worked into a digital format. We work closely with several artists & illustrators as well as our own design team.

Once this image was re-worked it was laid up into a pattern piece for the lining of the jacket ready for manufacturing.
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