Lost Tribes - A Unique Art Clothing Collection from Goldie

Goldie burst onto the Graffiti scene 30 years ago and is now better known as a British Electronic Music Artist, DJ, Visual Artist & Actor. He is also well renowned for his innovations in the Jungle & Drum & Bass music genres. In his 'Lost Tribes' art exhibition he created 20 original artworks on wood & sculptures.

Goldie approached 2Surface Solutions with the idea of creating a collection of scarves as part of the ‘Lost Tribes’ exhibition. We started this project with an established & accomplished designer, Felix Blow. Felix was a well-respected designer, originally from Liverpool, who had his own clothing label, Felix Blow and who also worked for Pretty Green and Albam Clothing where he was head of design. Felix was a fan of Graffiti art, which made the transition from art into clothing a success & Lost Tribes was born.

Together, we evolved the scarf project into a full clothing collection, designing a fully factored product. The collection encompasses a selection of Goldie’s artwork & utilises print in its most specialised form, with screen print & digital technology repeats & engineered prints, tactile fabrics & quality manufacturing. The products range from limited edition Pocket Squares & Neck Scarves to Shirting & T-shirts.
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