Ibiza Rocks - Interior Design & Merchandise

The Pikes hotel project started out as a high end bespoke fabric & interior refurbishment, but the timing of this project coincided with a new department within 2Surface Solutions involving UV printing.

This meant the Pikes makeover flourished from a textile based project to a full scheme design work that included, optically clear film, acrylic & polished steel illuminated signage, backlit art panels, aluminium faced panels, dibond & to top it all we even did the road signs. This project was developed with 2Surface Solutions & Dawn Hindle of Ibiza Rocks, whose one time past architectural experience drove the ideas to the exciting end result. The project as a whole included a full garment range, the installation of ‘Bar M’ & the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

We continue to work with Ibiza Rocks helping to develop new ideas and products, one of which is acoustic canvassing for a forthcoming recording studio. These canvasses are printed on a specialised fabric which allows sound to pass through the canvas & to then be absorbed by an acoustic foam housed in the cavity of the frame.
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